Common Challenges Faced by ELL Students

ELL students face an uphill climb during their educational careers, but with the right strategies in place, educators and administrators can help them get up to speed quickly in both academic and social and emotional learning.

Our FREE white paper, Helping English Language Learners (ELL) Overcome Classroom Challenges, provides insight on how Educational technology like online tutoring platforms can help ease budgetary concerns, while also providing students with one-on-one bilingual instruction or participation in language assistance programs, even if the school district is not set up for those programs in a traditional manner.

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iTutor is an Accredited Digital Learning Institute. We partner with school districts and college access programs across the U.S. to expand school walls with real-time, online learning through the use of advanced technology and experienced state-certified teachers—in alignment with specific classroom curriculum—to improve student achievement and district performance outcomes. Our mission is to transform students’ lives by providing the highest quality educational support everywhere at any time. We solve our district partners’ greatest pain points by providing cost-effective options that extend the instructional reach of the classroom teacher.

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