Leveraging Technology to Support

English-Language Learners

Wednesday, July 29th

1:00 PM to 2:00 PM Eastern Time

In this webinar, we’ll focus on the challenges ELLs endured as schools and Educators struggled to support them during the emergency shift to remote learning, the lessons learned and how schools can leverage those lessons and technology to plan for a successful return to school be it through a hybrid model or complete transition to remote learning.  

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About the Moderator

Brooke Fera

New York State Education Director, iTutor.com

Brooke is iTutor's Senior Education Director for Program Placement and Implementation, where she coordinates and effectuates iTutor's K-12 programs throughout New York State. Brooke began her career in education technology by developing transparent and trustworthy relationships with local school districts in Westchester county, and neighboring BOCES. She quickly created new streamlined contracts that outlined the pedagogical responsibilities of iTutor's State-certified teachers, allowing for transparency with iTutor's district partners. Furthermore, she and her team persevered and secured a state-wide contract between iTutor and Erie 1 BOCES. At iTutor, Brooke leads a team of Educational Directors responsible for the company's New York State school partnerships. As a passionate business development professional, she has created a cohesive team who advocates for student success above anything else.


About the Guest Speaker

Yvette Ramos, Ed.D.

National Education Services Director, iTutor.com

Dr. Ramos is a graduate of Texas A&M University with degrees in both Biomedical Science and Nutritional Science, as well as an MBA in Healthcare Management, and a doctorate in Transformational Leadership and Curriculum & Instruction from Concordia University.  Dr. Ramos is a bilingual Educator with 15 years of teaching experience in high school Math and Science. She then transitioned over to school administration for 7 years--serving as dean, counselor, principal, and superintendent. During this tenure, Dr. Ramos became an expert in test preparation and college admissions. She has been working with grant programs for more than 15 years by way of partnerships through her schools, and through the development of curriculum and instruction. She loves her job at iTutor as National Education Services Director, which allows her to be an Instructional Coach while working in curriculum design, and business development.  

iTutor is an Accredited Digital Learning Institute, based in Jericho, NY. As a leading provider of live, personalized online instruction for students in all grade levels, across all subjects, we partner with school districts and college-access programs throughout the U.S. As an AdvancED accredited corporation, we aim to meet the highest standards of educational management.

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