Leveraging Technology to Support

Students’ Social-Emotional Learning

Thursday, July 30th

11:00 AM to 12:00 PM Eastern Time

As part of New York State’s reopening plans, teachers will be focused on social-emotional learning to support students in their acclimation back to school. In this webinar, we’ll highlight trauma-informed approaches, and effective teaching strategies to support social-emotional learning. We'll also provide resources and strategies to guide the implementation of these teaching practices across all grade levels. 

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About the Moderator

Brooke Fera

New York State Education Director, iTutor.com

Brooke is iTutor's Senior Education Director for Program Placement and Implementation, where she coordinates and effectuates iTutor's K-12 programs throughout New York State. Brooke began her career in education technology by developing transparent and trustworthy relationships with local school districts in Westchester county, and neighboring BOCES. She quickly created new streamlined contracts that outlined the pedagogical responsibilities of iTutor's State-certified teachers, allowing for transparency with iTutor's district partners. Furthermore, she and her team persevered and secured a state-wide contract between iTutor and Erie 1 BOCES. At iTutor, Brooke leads a team of Educational Directors responsible for the company's New York State school partnerships. As a passionate business development professional, she has created a cohesive team who advocates for student success above anything else.


About the Guest Speaker

Gina Spagnoli 

NYS Certified Teacher

Gina Spagnoli is a New York State Social Studies Teacher, and leader of the Climate Culture Task Force team. With her masters in secondary education, Gina has been teaching for 15 years within the inner city public school system. In the 15 years she has served as Educator and mentor within her school community, Gina has also served in various capacities such as the Social Studies Curriculum Chair, in addition to leading her school in professional development initiatives targeting social-emotional and trauma informed approaches. 

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